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Well. I am up and exhausted and hating every minute of this whole ordeal. My fiancee is out for the night and I just can't sleep. I have been like this the past couple times he went out. I trust him. I am just insecure as hell. I hate this bc he has never given me a reason to feel this way. I don't want to tell him no don't go out. That is mean. sigh iono what to do. we got into it last week bc i thought he was cheating and wasn't. ugh k just don't know. My anxiety levels are high, i am having horrid hot flashes, i am paranoid as hell, and i just know my moods are all over the damn place. u just started back haldo and celexa so hopefully these will help with my issues and horrid depression i been having lately. I wondrr if my paranoia can be making matters worst?

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